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Educational lectures and workshops

Research as Practice: auto-ethnography as enabler

What do you really know about your own artistic approach? Is it possible to study your own processes and practices without interfering with the creative process? This interactive lecture champions auto-ethnographic study of the artistic practice as an enabler of self-knowledge, development and innovation. It also discusses the role technology might play in self-study. Does it help or is it just another annoying distraction from what we really want to do....make work? 

Format:          Lecture                       Length: 2 hours

Suitable for:   Levels 5+                    Space:  Lecture theatre or seminar space

Representing Sound: interpretation of music through visual, 3D and digital art

What is a graphic score? How do composers record their compositions through non-traditional notation? How can we use the music we love as an inspiration for making work in other media? This informative and interactive workshop explores the relationship between music and art via theoretical and practical exploration of 2D and 3D graphic scores, experimentation with sound and musical instruments. Make your work make music.

Format:          Lecture and practical workshop      Length: 1 day (2 x 2.5 hour sessions)

Suitable for:   Levels 4-7                                         Space:  Lecture theatre, practical workshop

Creativity Changing Lives

Why did you choose to study the arts? To make stuff? To entertain the world? Where does a climate of austerity leave aspiring artists as they face important decisions about their future career? This interactive lecture looks at the diverse skills of the artist as valuable commodities that can be applied in a wide range of vocational fields. We also discuss creativity as a catalyst for change, whether through health and wellbeing, community or corporate applications.

Format:          Lecture/seminar                             Length: 2 hours

Suitable for:   Levels 4-7                                        Space:  Lecture theatre, seminar space

Interdisciplinary Collaboration: finding innovation and value in diversity

How can teams with diverse skill sets function successfully without conflict? Why should we collaborate? This lecture and practical workshop shares theory and case studies from arts and business and proposes factors that are necessary for a fruitful and harmonious collaboration. Participants work together on creative tasks with the aim of putting theory into practice. Applicable to arts, business, humanities and sciences.

Format:          Lecture and practical workshop    Length: 1 day (2 x 2.5 hour sessions)

Suitable for:   Levels 4-7                                         Space:  Lecture theatre, workshop or seminar space

Musicality for Dancers: the five element method

This one day workshop for dancers of all levels aims to develop musicality skills by facilitating the understanding of five musical elements (melody, rhythm, feel, texture and structure) through analytical listening, practical exercises and application to dance practice. First developed in conjunction with DanceEast for dancers at the Centre of Advanced Training.

"The 5 element idea made what can be a scary subject very a consequence there seems to be more engagement with the musicians and their music and less reluctance to answering questions on this subject."  Sandra Madgwick, Tutor, DanceEast, former Royal Ballet ballerina

"The day was fantastic in the inclusivity of all levels. Delivery was very engaging, with a light, positive and fun intonation which captured the students attention and contextualised the module excellently." Lucy Blazheva, Tutor, DanceEast 

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