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Latest Projects
  • Book, Music & Lyrics for Witchfinder, immersive music theatre at Walpole Old Chapel (supported by Arts Council England) 2022

  • Writer, musical arrangements & sound design for A Hoodingeroo at Otley Bottoms, and audio play for Cohere Arts 2022

  • Musical arrangements, original music & sound design for The Mystery of Syleham Manor, an audio play for Unscene Suffolk 2021

  • Music & sound design for Dance Under Suffolk Skies, a dance film by Director/Dance Artist Sam Moss 2021

  • Integrated Accessibility, R & D into accessibility innovation in music theatre  (DYCP Award from Arts Council England) 2021

  • Book, Music & Lyrics for Witchfinder Audio Performance, immersive music theatre (supported by Arts Council England & Heritage Lottery Fund) 2021

  • Music & libretto for Herstory:The Catchpole Chronicles, an original operatic work for performers with Parkinson's (Supported by Arts Council England & Snape Maltings) 2019

  • Music & sound design for The Seedling Dance Story, open-air community dance piece by Karen Louise Dance and Anna Rowe 2019 & 2017 

  • Music & lyrics for The Greatest Show...That Never Happened  for Unscene Suffolk, Ipswich Town Hall 2018

  • Sound design for The Inkwell, contemporary dance project, DanceEast Jerwood Dance House 2017

  • Music, lyrics, sound design for Time Hackers, musial play for Unscene Suffolk, New Wolsey Theatre 2017

  • Interactive musical storytelling workshop The House of Willy Lott for Colchester & Ipswich Museum Service 2016

  • Music & sound design for Patricia, contemporary dance project for Karen Louise Dance, Dance East Jerwood Dance House 2016

  • Music, lyrics, sound design for A Zimmer of Hope, musical play for Unscene Suffolk, New Wolsey Theatre 2016

  • Sound design for Neon Noel, video mapping installation at Eastbourne Town Hall, for West End Studios, 2015

  • Book, music and lyrics for Paperwork! The Physical Musical, DanceEast Jerwood Dance House (Supported by Arts Council England) 2015

  • Music, lyrics, sound design for Through the Magnifying Glass, musical play for Unscene Suffolk, New Wolsey Theatre 2015

  • Interactive musical storytelling workshop I Am a Farmer, Colchester & Ipswich Museum Service 2015

  • Music & sound design, Mises Bouche, contemporary dance project, DanceEast Jerwood Dance House 2015

  • Music for rock musical Whispers of the Heart by Gary Swartz 2014

  • Music & lyrics for Heigh Ho, It’s Off to Labs We Go, corporate commission for West End Studios 2014

  • Music & lyrics for Moulin Blue, musical theatre comedy cabaret, 2014

  • Music & lyrics for The Unreturning, performance installation at Ipswich Museum, 2014

  • Book, music & lyrics for The Witchfinder Project, Ipswich Town Hall (Supported by Arts Council England) 2013

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