Dr. Amy Mallett has been composing and performing music since childhood, taking musical influences from jazz, folk, rock and classical styles. Her work is often inspired by contemporary and historical stories. She enjoys interdisciplinary approaches, and collaborates with practitioners from other art forms to create multidimensional works.

As well a rich freelance practice, Amy has extensive experience as an educator teaching music, music technology and performing arts across all levels and age groups from Early Years to Postgraduate and beyond. She has also worked for several examination boards as curriculum writer, examiner and quality reviewer.

Passionate about arts engagement, Amy  spent 4 years as Associate Musician for English National Ballet's Dance For Parkinsons programme and went on to found Sing to Beat Parkinson's East Suffolk, a singing and vocal group for people living with Parkinson's. She is Composer and Musical Director for Unscene Suffolk, a theatre company for adults with visual impairment.

"Clever, original songs which are both witty and poignant at the same time..." - Audience member, Paperwork! The Musical

"Amy is brilliant at using the words, phrases, feelings, emotions we want to convey in a dance production and creates sound scores which compliment the work beautifully. Each work I’ve created sits side by side with the music, rather than just sat in the background."

Karen Pratt, Artistic Director, Karen Louise Dance Company

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